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Consumption, accumulating waste and increasing pollution will have long-term impacts on every one of us. Our future and future generations depend on the health of the one earth we all share. It’s time to change!

The project StartUpcycling

StartUpcycling provides one solution to take action and to address these problems today. The project aims to develop innovative ways to promote waste reduction, upcycling and youth employability. We want to initiate a global exchange of resources to create young start-ups with sustainable upcycling creations.

The challenges: growing waste and youth unemployment

The project StartUpcycling responds to two major challenges which are prevalent all over the world: increasing waste and youth unemployment.

Waste is the result of non-sustainable modes of production and consumption. Society is now forced to find new ways to combat waste, climate change, and further consequences of non-ecological living. Upcycling is the process of converting material no longer needed into something useful. It has become a simple and innovative concept in the area of waste management that needs more recognition from society. 

At the same time, youth unemployment is an acute problem, both in developed and developing countries, and constitutes the predominant reason for social exclusion and poverty. It leads to resignation, frustration and sometimes even aggression.

In this context, upcycling can be a solution to make a change.
The project trains young and disadvantaged citizens to regard waste as a resource for creative upcycling production and start-up ideas. There is a high potential for more jobs in the field of sorting materials and creating goods to re-enter the economy.

Promote creative ideas and networking

StartUpcycling was set up to promote the exchange of good practices in the fields of youth unemployment and upcycling. The partner organizations from seven different countries worldwide will provide youngsters with examples and a review of upcycling measures, as well as establishing connections with social businesses, international contacts in the field, and guidance to set up a new green business. This network will help to create new alliances among needy people, social workers, business managers and organizations at national and even international levels. 

The topic of waste and consumption is affecting all partners in every respect and revealing the unpleasant global interrelations of climate change.

Participating countries

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