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Become part of the team and be actively involved! Everyone can contribute - on their own terms - and promote a waste-free future.


Are you interested in waste reduction, upcycling and young entrepreneurship? Contact us and find out how you can get involved. There are many ways to be part of the project – you can join existing upcycling groups, participate in the online-course "StartUpcycling" and get support from our team to develop your own upcycling business!



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If you feel like you want to learn more and need some compiled information, this is your chance to dig into: Join the online course "StartUpcycling" and find out more about waste reduction, upcycling and interesting startups worldwide. Follow this link to get started!

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The eBook provides a summary of the educational content developed by the project and provides assistance and inspiration for the educational work in the field of young entrepreneurship
using waste.

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Join our project and learn more about waste reduction, upcycling and entrepreneurship! Our members come together regularly to hold upcycling workshops, discussions about waste, and courses for green entrepreneurship. Contact us and talk to the team (link to the partners)! 

There is no cost for a group or organization to join this growing global network.


Are you working in the field of eco-education, waste reduction and/or young entrepreneurship? Join our team and become part of the international network with educators from nine different countries. We are constantly sharing and exchanging expertise and knowledge.


We are looking for new inputs, insights and experiences of experts in the field of waste management and upcycling. Share your knowledge and get in touch with us! You could give an interview, coach our team or youth, and/or become a sponsor and patron for the project.


Help fund our project which prepares sustainable ways to fight waste reduction. The non-profit project is partially supported by the European Commission. We still need funds to support more youth with educational programmes and for awareness raising in the partner countries worldwide. By making a contribution of €25 or more, you will become a member of the network, get access to educational materials and receive our newsletter regularly. Your donations allow us to help the communities working to prevent and clean up pollution free of charge. 

We have had success raising funds through grant proposals. If you have strong writing skills, please help develop grant proposals together with us, or help us get in contact with funding opportunities you think we should pursue.

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If your enterprise or company has a lot of waste that you would like to recycle or upcycle, you can get in touch with us and we will integrate it into our project work.


Please spread the word, share the project on social media and invite others to support our project. 

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