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Who we are

The international network of StartUpcycling consists of selected institutions with different competencies and expertise in the educational field and in promoting waste reduction. Together we develop an international platform and educational material such as upcycling workshops, an eCourse and an eBook. Here is an overview of the partner organizations in each country. If you have questions or you would like to contact us, do not hesitate to get in touch.

WasteLess, INDIA

“We are dedicated to changing the harmful habits that affect the way we make, dispose of and think about waste.”

We educate the leaders of tomorrow to reduce waste and recycle more. Using games and fun educational tools, we inspire future generations to be part of the solution and not the pollution! 

Contact: Ribhu

Action Synergy, GREECE

“Within a friendly and highly trained environment, we promote innovation in education & training in Greece, Europe and the world. Our joint and equal effort and cooperation is our strength."

We develop online tools and education-related solutions for online and distance learning for vulnerable target groups at local, national and international levels. Additionally, we promote business opportunities for enterprises, aiming to enhance their competitive activity.

Contact: Alex

Starkmacher e.V., GERMANY

“We are sure that inside every person there is a treasure – something highly valuable – and that’s what we want to make visible for the person and the society.”

We empower disadvantaged youth and promote their key competencies, train youth workers and educators in sustainability issues, and focus on social youth businesses.

Contact: Teresa

Onda Carioca, BRAZIL

“We are working to help our city Rio de Janeiro to become a sustainable city.”

We are engaged in educational projects for vulnerable target groups. We give courses and modules in waste recycling, ecological design/fashion/sewing, cultural and artistic events, and sustainable gardening.

Contact: Marcio

Fundacja Laja, POLAND

“Fundacja Laja creates the space for culture and creativity. ” 

We promote the idea of pro-social activities, volunteering and education through lectures and workshops in the field of multicultural education, ecology and human rights. We organize events, conferences, workshops, meetings and training. In the Cieszyn Castle we run a tea room and a Junior Club, and organize an annual multicultural festival “Svatek caje”.

Contact: Mariola

Puntozero, ITALY

"Bringing ideas to life, making room for people, triggering changes."

We produce and promote various projects in different areas: video production and photography; set-up and furnishing of urban and natural spaces; installations and workshops; development and realization of cultural projects, festivals and artistic exhibitions. For all of our projects and types of work, creativity functions as the generating element for social and cultural innovation

Contact: Matteo


“We are an award-winning public benefit organization focused on developing the capacities of youth to transform under resourced neighbourhoods to food security, climate adaption, social cohesion and prosperity.”

Seed offers youth trainings in enterprise, education and employment within the green economy. The activities include outdoor classrooms in township schools, holiday programmes, and training of teachers, accredited permaculture training with township youth, food programme engaging local activists and home gardeners to reconnect communities and grow household resilience. 

Contact: Bridget





Kulturlabor Trial&Error, GERMANY

“We are the river - throw your ideas in and fish some out!"

We aim to support people's initiatives by offering ours. We are a platform for exchanging knowledge, skills and know-how. We connect people face-to-face without judging them but giving space for broadening horizions.

Upcycling Studio, INDIA

“Trash to treasure - creating wealth from waste.”

We have an open space which focuses on innovation, invention, creation and education from waste to product. Our goal is to creatively reduce the waste in our community.

D'Avent Association, ROMANIA

“We work towards becoming a flagship for the upcycling movement in Romania, by empowering communities to act for sustainable development and responsible consumption.”

For us, creative recycling means passionate people transforming objects, materials and all kinds of stuff into interesting and useful things, or simply to create pure art and craziness ... as a manifestation of one’s own creativity.


The partner network of StartUpcycling continues to grow and evolve. Becoming a partner is free, there are no obligations, and you’ll receive access to all our strategic communication information and opportunities to make connections with other partners in our global network. If you are interested, please

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